MCNC boosts community outreach and communications

12 Days of Broadband 2017 - Day 4In 2017, MCNC continued in the tradition of staying connected with customers and the NCREN community.

MCNC is committed to operational excellence in all its work as well as supporting the entire ecosystem of high-function broadband internet. MCNC Communications regularly looks at ways to improve by creating actionable objectives in managing and orchestrating messaging while identifying the best ways to reach you.

MCNC Website

This year MCNC launched an upgraded website. We have increased load speeds, enhanced the user interface and responsive design of the entire site, and updated specific areas like our newsroom, events calendar, photo gallery, service catalog and more. We also added a blog feature, authored by various members or the MCNC team. Learn more about the upgrades in our very first blog post earlier this year.

Digital Connections

In March, we introduced Digital Connections, MCNC's official e-newsletter designed to share updates, news and upcoming events. All issues to date are archived and can be found on this page. If you would like to subscribe to receive Digital Connections directly to your inbox, you can opt-in and keep up with our latest advancements including NCREN updates, new products and service announcements, education resources, organization news, technology trends, and more. You also can segment your subscription, so you receive only the information you want for us as we incorporate more strategic email messaging within our community.

Social Media

MCNC is integrated in various social media platforms to deliver information more efficiently and according to your needs. Social media is a core part of our communications, and MCNC utilizes several social media tools and channels to communicate with the NCREN Community and the citizens of North Carolina.

MCNC Social: Facebook, Twitter @MCNC, YouTube, Google+, LinkedIn. If there is a channel or network not included here that you like to use, please let us know and we’ll be happy to explore it.

Training | Surveys | Special Events

MCNC supports indigenous innovation and is a relatively small organization that successfully operates an enormous network for North Carolina. If you’re interested in events and training, look no further than the MCNC homepage for a preview of featured activities. Additional events and training details also are available on our events calendar where you can toggle between weekly and monthly views of the latest happenings. Read more about several upcoming events in 2018 and beyond in Day 3 of this year’s 12 Days of Broadband.

Thanks for your continuous enthusiasm as well as contributions to the success of MCNC. We value your feedback, which we’ll use to provide better communication, technology solutions, services, and support that continuously improve in the years ahead. Have questions or comments? Please contact us.