MCNC supports Teacher@Work and Students@Work

2017-12-08 - On the sixth day of the 12 Days of Broadband, MCNC offers continued support on two education initiatives by the North Carolina Business Committee for Education that connects students as well as educators to businesses throughout the state. Read More

MCNC applauds research from WILMA project

2017-12-05 - On the second day of the 12 Days of Broadband, we examine findings from The Quello Center’s Wireless Innovation for Last Mile Access, or WILMA report. Read More

MCNC 2017 Customer Satisfaction Survey Results

2017-11-30 - The NCREN Customer Satisfaction Survey is highlighted in the overview infographic. Read More

Bandwidth brings personalized learning to life

2017-11-29 - As a charter focused on STEM education, Research Triangle High School requires abundant bandwidth and highly-reliable internet connectivity to support more than 500 students daily using their own devices - and MCNC has successfully delivered it on NCREN since the doors opened with notably more. Read More

North Carolina continues to add new CeCTOs

2016-12-12 - On the tenth day of the 12 Days of Broadband, we take a look at how North Carolina has added more than 100 CeCTOs in the state over the last six years through the Certified Educational Chief Technology Officer program. Read More

Supporting and driving improvements in rural connectivity

2016-12-09 - On the eleventh day of the 12 Day of Broadband, we look at how the FCC, elected officials, and policymakers, as well as court systems at the state and federal level, had an impactful year on broadband in North Carolina. Read More

ICANN takes over managing the Internet

2016-12-08 - On the ninth day of the 12 Days of Broadband, we look at the historic transition of the federal government handing control of the Internet's address book to the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, or ICANN. Read More

Elon University honors Internet pioneer Vint Cerf

2016-12-01 - On the seventh day of the 12 Days of Broadband, Internet pioneer Vint Cerf talked about the future of the Internet and the “Internet of Things” in September with a special visit to Elon University. Read More

North Carolina unveils State Broadband Plan

2016-12-01 - On the sixth day of the 12 Days of Broadband, we deep-dive into the North Carolina Broadband Report released in June as a potential roadmap for providing universal broadband access across the state by 2021 Read More

NTIA begins work on Community Connectivity Initiative

2016-12-01 - On the fourth day of the 12 Days of Broadband, we reflect on the efforts by BroadbandUSA this year to advance broadband deployment and adoption in America through the Community Connectivity Initiative. Read More