MCNC Serves Beyond the Network

By Dan Goodwin, Sr. Web Application Developer and
Michelle Mitchell, Communications and Digital Content Manager

Michelle Mitchell and Dan Goodwin, MCNC Service redesignDid you know MCNC offers more than 30 services to our customers! And now through a redesigned location on our website you can explore the menu, initiate a request, and get initial questions answered in our newly revamped MCNC Service catalog.

An easy interface allows you to seek information in multiple ways. You can view services by categories and also alphabetically. You can also see which services are available to communities we serve.

Closer look at the Redesign process:

MCNC ServicesOne of the main goals of redesigning the services section on the website was to make services easier to locate and navigate. To do this, we took advantage of many of the built-in features within our content management system. The MCNC website is built on Drupal 8 which has tools for creating fieldable content types, tagging content, and querying and displaying content in multiple ways.

The services landing page is dynamically generated on page load. All services are loaded and sorted by their service category at the top of the page and all communities with specific service contracts are loaded at the bottom of the page. On each community page, we are also dynamically loading a list of services that relates to that specific community and sorting them by their service category in the same way we sort them on the main services landing page. For users who are uncertain about which service categories or community pages may be relevant for them, we have also included a page that alphabetically lists every service MCNC offers.

Each of the three different services views (services home landing page, services listed on the community pages, and the alphabetical listing of services) are generated using the same content from the individual services pages. This means that whenever we need to make a change to a service, all the pages linking to that service are automatically updated as well. This helps us ensure that the content is accurate and up-to-date.

We are here for you:

We hope the new layout and search functions enhance your experience as you browse our services. Our goal is to help our customers serve their customers. We are continuously looking to build, enhance, and improve the services we offer and provide those you need.

Contact Todd Broucksou if you have questions about our service catalog or services you are interested in but not listed on the website.

As always, we welcome your feedback!