Network Security -- Defending against DDoS

2018-03-23 - MCNC Sr. Network Management Engineers Theo Lavis and Neal Bullins share important information about the rise of DDoS attacks and what can be done to help. Read More

One year later: MCNC’s Mark Johnson reflects on BDAC

2018-02-01 - Mark Johnson, MCNC Chief Technologist Strategist, participated in the FCC Broadband Deployment Advisory Committee (BDAC) meetings held in DC and shared his experience. Read More

The Power of Networks

2018-01-02 - MCNC General Counsel Sean Doyle shares his perspective on the power of networks. Read More

Open Access and Ubiquitous Delivery

2017-12-14 - MCNC reaffirms commitment to open Internet standards. Read More

Can ‘Trust’ prevent entropy to online privacy?

2017-12-04 - Mark Johnson shares insight on how the research and education community has been working on issues related to online privacy. Read More

CEO Corner: It went by quickly, but we achieved so much

2017-12-03 - MCNC CEO Jean Davis reflects on 2017 and looks ahead to 2018 in a year end blog. Read More

Cybersecurity Starts With Good Cyber Hygiene

2017-10-11 - Cybersecurity is a very challenging problem. As our workplaces and our everyday lives become more dependent on technology, the challenge continues to grow. There are things we should do on a continuous basis to help minimize our chances of getting compromised. Read More

MCNC solutions aim to solve problems

2017-09-07 - Solving technology issues that clients face is key to developing useful solutions. MCNC Senior Director of Community Support Todd Broucksou discusses three focus areas that deliver high quality, valuable, and dependable services that MCNC customers need and want. Read More

A Positive Financial Year Contributes to Network Refresh

2017-08-10 - Pat Moody, MCNC CFO, shares an update on the positive financial year and what it means for the NCREN network. Read More

Operations Year in Review and a Look Forward

2017-07-18 - Tommy Jacobson, MCNC COO and VP, reviews accomplishments, operations, and growth over the last fiscal year and highlights infrastructure changes underway for FY 2018. Read More