MCNC is committed to sharing information and educating the NCREN community on topics related to our tools and services as well as helping to secure and promote technology related training and development content of interest to the community.

In today’s technology age, it is common for learning to take place in innovative ways, particularly through the use of the Internet. MCNC's infrastructure and tools provide a cost-effective mechanism to present training to our constituents. It is also advantageous to the community when MCNC facilitates training opportunities from 3rd party providers.

This section of the website highlights training available through MCNC and its partnerships. Offerings include MCNC developed content on topics customized for our constituents as well as a broader spectrum of external content.

Types of Training and Delivery Methods

Training options may include workshops, presentations, hands-on labs, webinars, seminars, and orientations. Delivery methods vary based on content and requirements but can include face-to-face, interactive videoconferencing, webinars, recorded/archived sessions available on-demand, or a hybrid of these methods.

Whether the content is provided live in person, or recorded and archived, the purpose is to impart knowledge and best practices, educate, explore, and provide development opportunities.


Even when the content is pre-recorded or archived, we strive to keep the communication channels open. We accomplish this, in part, by adding technology forum containers for specific sessions so that you can discuss the content, provide feedback, share comments, and ask questions as needed. You are encouraged to use this post-training communications opportunity to help keep the content relevant and ensure that you have a quick method to share and contribute to the topic.


Share your ideas

The voice of our constituents is pivotal in determining the content we select and offer. Please let us know if you are interested in a topic you don't see listed. Send your suggestions and ideas to