Community Day 2016 Awards

This year, MCNC offered the entire NCREN community the opportunity to nominate a colleague or self nominate for each of the awards to be presented in November. The award categories are described below.

Congratulations to the Community Day 2016 Award Recipients!

Robyn Render Endeavor Award

Alfred Mays, Burroughs Wellcome Fund

Empower Award

Maurice Ferrell, UNC School of Government's Center for Public Technology

Community Choice Award

Candace Holder, Surry Community College

Previous Robyn Render award

Robyn Render Endeavor Award

Established in 2004 to honor individuals with distinguished service and commitment to NCREN, the Robyn Render Endeavor Award was renamed in 2010 to honor a devoted leader who understood how technology could grow educational opportunity for all citizens. She had an enormous impact on higher education and rural broadband deployment in North Carolina. This award is presented to one or more persons who continually champion leadership, engagement, and support of NCREN’s mission and goals.

Robyn Render Endeavor Award recipients are selected by MCNC.

Empower Award

When NCREN experienced considerable growth in 2008, we introduced the Empower Award to recognize individuals who have not been long-time members of the Community but have made an immediate impact in their support of NCREN during the course of their engagement.

Empower Award recipients are selected by MCNC.

Previous Empower and Community Awardees

Community Choice Award

In the spirit of celebrating the 25th anniversary of NCREN in 2009, MCNC announced the creation of the Community Choice Award. This award engages the NCREN membership from beginning to end, with input on nominees from the Community and with recipients determined by the Community’s online voting.

In September, a ballot of 3-5 Community Choice nominees will be available for time-limited voting by the NCREN community. Each Community Choice nominee will be allotted time to speak during the event on his/her work in the community. The winner will be announced upon completion of the nominees' presentations.

We want to hear from you.

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