Welcome to NCREN Community Day 2011 in conjunction with the Fall 2011 Internet2 Member Meeting

Dear Friends and Colleagues:

North Carolina continues to be a world leader in leveraging the presence of the North Carolina Research and Education Network (NCREN). Each year we recognize the tremendous work being done across the NCREN community with our annual NCREN Community Day. Every program is just as exciting as the last, and each year we continue to attract first time attendees. Our theme this year is “Constructing the Network, Building the Community.” I cordially invite you to participate in this year’s event on Wednesday and Thursday, October 5-6, 2011 at the Raleigh Convention Center in Raleigh, NC.

Imagine being able to enjoy two great events together for the first time at the same venue!

For the first time ever, NCREN Community Day is being held in conjunction with the Fall 2011 Internet2 Member Meeting, which runs from October 3 – October 6. This year presented MCNC and Internet2 with the unique opportunity to collaborate on programming for both events. This offers exceptional possibilities to network with your NCREN colleagues and also meet a wide range of professionals outside of North Carolina who share the desire to excel in achievements that benefit the research and education networking landscape, and ultimately, our future leaders.

NCREN Community Day 2011 will assemble speakers who value and will leverage our new optical fiber network to define, create, and build new communities. Additionally, MCNC and Internet2 will offer joint plenary sessions by visionary speakers with exciting messages. In NCREN tradition, members from the community will be recognized with our annual awards -- the Endeavor Award, the Empower Award, and the Community Choice Award.

NCREN is one of the nation's first statewide education and research networks and has been the foundation for accelerating innovation, provide cutting-edge infrastructure to give tremendous potential for education and commerce, and increasing the economic vitality of the state. Since 1984, when a microwave network and a few modems were state of the art, forward-looking leaders in the state saw the value of connecting education institutions and researchers to each other and to the beginning of this thing called the Internet.

Twenty-seven years later, high-bandwidth connectivity is increasingly ubiquitous. And since 2009, thanks to a governor and General Assembly with great vision, NCREN now brings the great minds of North Carolina’s nearly 3 million students, instructors, researchers, and administrators across K-20 education to the world -- and the world to 3 million North Carolinians.

As technology evolves, MCNC continues to serve as a platform for enhancing the research and education experience as we expand service to additional community institutions in healthcare, libraries, and museums. This year we can hear from Internet2’s broad national community as well as our own in North Carolina.

Please be sure and register for what will be a wonderful and informative look at how the NCREN Community is Constructing the Network, Building the Community.

I look forward to seeing you in October.


John Killebrew
Vice President of NCREN Community Support