MCNC's 7th Annual 12 Days of Broadband

Welcome to the 7th Annual 12 Days of Broadband

MCNC 12 Days of Broadband 2017

MCNC is pleased to bring you once again the 12 Days of Broadband throughout the month of December.

The 12 Days of Broadband between Dec. 7 and Dec. 22 features a dozen broadband innovations impacting communities in North Carolina and across America as well as preview what’s to come in 2018.

Now in its seventh year, the 12 Days of Broadband annually showcases how investments in network bandwidth and security in North Carolina can help ensure citizens are prepared for today’s interconnected economy. The North Carolina Research and Education Network, or NCREN, has provided the broadband infrastructure to connect North Carolina citizens to the path of success for more than three decades. The expanded network of today is 2,700 miles spanning virtually every county in North Carolina. NCREN users today include, but not limited to, all 17 institutions of the University of North Carolina System, all 58 North Carolina Community Colleges, all 115 K-12 public school districts as well as a growing number of charter and private schools, the majority of the state’s private colleges and universities, several non-profit and public health care facilities, public safety agencies, museums, libraries, and most of the state’s premier research organizations.

We hope you enjoy this year’s 12 Days of Broadband. You can follow and participate in the 12 Days of Broadband all month on social media using #MCNC12Days or on Twitter at @MCNC.

MCNC 12 Days of Broadband 2017Day 5: MCNC’s Mark Johnson joins FCC working group

12 Days of Broadband 2017 - Day 5MCNC Chief Technology Strategist Mark Johnson was selected in January to represent the national R&E networking community on a working group within the Federal Communication Commission’s Broadband Deployment Advisory Committee (BDAC). The BDAC is intended to provide a means for stakeholders with interests in this area to exchange ideas and develop recommendations to enhance the FCC’s ability to carry out its responsibility to encourage broadband deployment to all Americans. Read more

MCNC 12 Days of Broadband 2017Day 4: MCNC boosts community outreach and communications

12 Days of Broadband 2017 - Day 4In 2017, MCNC continued in the tradition of staying connected with customers and the NCREN community. This year we launched an upgraded website that now includes a blog feature. We also introduced Digital Connections, MCNC's official e-newsletter designed to share updates, news and upcoming events. And, of course, we continue to connect with you in real-time using social media channels. MCNC will continue its commitment to providing operational excellence in all its work as well as supporting the entire ecosystem of high-function broadband Internet. To do that, MCNC Communications constantly looks at ways to improve by creating actionable objectives in managing and orchestrating our messaging while identifying the best ways to reach you. Read more

MCNC 12 Days of Broadband 2017Day 3: NCREN Community Day returns in 2019; Open House in April

12 Days of Broadband 2017 - Day 3MCNC’s signature event, NCREN Community Day, will return in November 2019, at which time we will observe the 35th anniversary of the North Carolina Research and Education Network. Interspersed between now and then, we are organizing several opportunities to show our appreciation to you; one of which will be our 2018 Open House event scheduled for Thursday, April 19, on the MCNC campus. Read more

12 Days of Broadband 2017Day 2: MCNC applauds research from WILMA project

12 Days of Broadband 2017 - Day 2The Quello Center at Michigan State University, with the leadership of Merit Network in Michigan and working in collaboration with five other non-profit research and education networks including MCNC, released findings this year for wireless solutions to better connect communities and institutions in a new report: Wireless Innovation for Last Mile Access, or WILMA. Read more

12 Days of Broadband 2017Day 1: MCNC makes cybersecurity high priority on NCREN

12 Days of Broadband 2017 - Day 1On the first day of the 12 Days of Broadband, we explore several key steps MCNC employed this year to boost cybersecurity efforts for NCREN users. From the installation of scrubbing centers for DDoS protection and mitigation, achieving SOC II data center certification and partnering with Zscaler for cloud-based security solutions to thought leadership on having good organizational cyber hygiene, MCNC continues to build a comprehensive defense against Internet-based threats and risks. Read more