Internet2 Connectivity

What is Internet2?

Internet2 is a not-for-profit advanced networking consortium comprising more than 200 U.S. universities in cooperation with 70 leading corporations, 45 government agencies, laboratories and other institutions of higher learning as well as over 50 international partner organizations.

What kind of connectivity service does Internet2 provide?

Internet2 provides a non-commercial, nationwide backbone. Traffic on Internet2's network is primarily research and education traffic.

My School System (LEA) or institution is connected to NCREN, does that mean we are connected to Internet2?

    Not necessarily - an LEA can have access via NCREN to Internet2 if they either:

    Have NCREN IP space, or
    Transition to NCREN IP space, or
    Confirm with their existing provider that the space they have been provided is allocated appropriately to the school system.

Why would MCNC need to confirm my IP address space was allocated properly?

We need to confirm space that has been allocated by a provider so that Internet2 will route it.

My School System does not have access to Internet2 via NCREN, how can we get access?

In the cases where an LEA doesn't have Internet2 access it's because we can't make the assertion that the IP space is in fact assigned away from the commercial provider and to the school. As a result, Internet2 won't access the routes from us if we were to announce them. We are working through these on a case-by-case basis.

Who can I talk to at MCNC about connectivity access to Internet2?

Please contact the Client Network Engineering team for more information