For North Carolina Citizens


The BTOP awards will help MCNC invest in North Carolina’s broadband infrastructure by leveraging the existing NCREN to create more robust access for schools, libraries and public health facilities, while also reaching underserved citizens.


As the importance of broadband access became more of an economic development and connectivity issue, the Rural Prosperity Task Force was formed in 1999. After its initial report to the N.C. General Assembly, legislators then created the Rural Internet Access Authority (which was renamed e-NC Authority in 2000). NC Broadband, formerly the e-NC Authority, continues to work with citizens across the state and with private-sector providers to change the access of broadband for citizens from 32 percent to about 80 percent. Today, there are still major areas of the state, particularly rural areas, where citizens do not have access to basic broadband.

North Carolina Community Anchor Institutions

CAIs are defined as public institutions that provide a service to the public or are facilities where the public gather to be educated, gain information, or receive care. NCREN currently serves the broadband needs of many education and healthcare CAIs in the state. The need for broadband at these institutions grows significantly every year (between 20 and 40 percent). In addition, the applications these institutions operate require a level and type of network connectivity that is not commercially available to optimally perform. Finally, many CAIs in rural and underserved areas of North Carolina, lack the amount of bandwidth they require to serve their constituents.

National Broadband Map

The NTIA and FCC unveiled the National Broadband Map in February 2010. Click here to read an article featured on the MCNC website about this comprehensive resource. You can view the National Broadband Map at

BTOP Progress

To learn more about the progress of the MCNC BTOP projects, visit our BTOP Progress section. It features construction timelines and progress report updates.

North Carolina TeleHealth Network

MCNC, in collaboration with other organizations, is proud to partner in the North Carolina TeleHealth Network. Click here to read more about this initiative.

MCNC Glossary of Terms & Resource Guide

Learn about common terms used by MCNC for broadband connectivity and telecommunications. You may see these terms throughout MCNC’s website, and this guide provides a valuable resource for visitors to better understand the work we do.