Vision 2020

MCNC Strategic Priorities (2016 – 2020)

Smart broadband starts here for North Carolina.

The Internet is important to everyone in the 21st century, and broadband access is one of the most important investments we can make for North Carolina's economic future. Today, steered by innovation, economic development, security, relationships with state government and thought leadership, MCNC is ready to bring connectivity levels in North Carolina to all-time highs by setting forth five strategic priorities through 2020.

Provide excellent and expanding service to MCNC’s existing North Carolina community of K-20 education, local community anchor institutions, non-profit health care, and state and local governments.
Make North Carolina the most connected state in the nation by strengthening rural broadband connectivity.
Support North Carolina’s ability to provide the most robust next generation public safety network in the nation.
Support educational transformation in North Carolina via infrastructure and technology services.
Expand stakeholder engagement in MCNC’s constituent community.

MCNC provides Internet connectivity and technology services to more than 500 community anchor institutions in North Carolina while also further developing partnerships with telecom providers, technology firms, local governments and others to explore new technologies, run pilot projects and find creative ways to bring together the resources in every inch of the state. Below, MCNC President and CEO Jean Davis offers context - about MCNC plans for North Carolina over the next four years…

MCNC is much more than just an Internet Service Provider; it’s a full-service technology resource that gives North Carolina a massive competitive advantage among other states while creating unprecedented opportunities for its citizens to accelerate their broadband-based economies. Our vision is to leverage MCNC’s open access broadband infrastructure to create opportunity for North Carolina in education, economic development, government, and health care. MCNC has a positive and confident future ahead, which can only lead to more great things for North Carolina.

Download pdfClick here to download the Executive Summary of MCNC’s Strategic Priorities for 2016-2020.