Our Team

Meet the MCNC Team

Shel Adderly

Sr. Human Resources Generalist
(919) 248-1863
sadderly at mcnc.org

Steve Alexander

Sr. Network Operations Analyst
(919) 248-1852
salexander at mcnc.org

Thomas Andrews

CyberSecurity Engineer/Analyst
(919) 248-1840
tandrews at mcnc.org

Chris Beal

Director, Security/Chief Security Architect
(919) 248-8416
cbeal at mcnc.org

Veda Baldwin

Sr. Accounting Specialist
(919) 248-4145
vbaldwin at mcnc.org

David Brain

Chief Systems Architect/Sr. Technical Manager Systems
(919) 248-1998
dbrain at mcnc.org

Nickyla Britton

Accounting Specialist/Team Lead Accounts Payable
(919) 248-1920
nbritton at mcnc.org

Todd Broucksou

Sr. Director, MCNC Community Support
(919) 248-1117
tbroucks at mcnc.org

Carole Bruhn

Systems Analyst
(919) 248-1824
cbruhn at mcnc.org

Neal Bullins

Sr. Network Management Engineer
(919) 248-1413
nbullins at mcnc.org

Gary Coronado

Associate Facilities Maintenance Technician
(919) 248-4128
gcoronado at mcnc.org

Grey Daughtry

Fiber Network Engineer
gdaughtry at mcnc.org

Jean Davis

CEO & President
(919) 248-8400
jeandavis at mcnc.org

Joel Davis

Associate Client Advocate
(919) 248-1115
jdavis at mcnc.org

Dale Drummond

Sr. Network Management Engineer
(919) 248-1107
ddrummond at mcnc.org

Diane Dunlap

Sr. Client Network Engineer
(919) 248-8439
ddunlap at mcnc.org

Stephanie Jane Edwards

GIS Analyst
(919) 248-1488
sedwards at mcnc.org

Rose Fritz

Accounting Specialist
(919) 248-1891
rfritz at mcnc.org

Dave Furiness

Sr. Director, Client Network Engineering & K-12 Advocate
(919) 248-1812
dfuriness at mcnc.org

Greg Goddard

Associate Systems Analyst
(919) 248-1140
ggoddard at mcnc.org

Daniel Goodwin

Web Application Developer
(919) 248-1949
dgoodwin at mcnc.org

Brian Gourley

Network Analyst
(919) 248-1970
bgourley at mcnc.org

Gonzalo Guzman

Lead Client Network Engineer
(919) 248-1842
gonz at mcnc.org

Leroy Hamilton

Associate Network Engineer
(919) 248-1192
lhamilton at mcnc.org

Darleene Heath

Director, Communications & Member Engagement
(919) 248-1993
darleene at mcnc.org

Betsy Hine

Sr. Director, Human Resources
(919) 248-1451
bhine at mcnc.org

Jonathan Hine

Associate Network Operations Analyst
(919) 248-1163
jhine at mcnc.org

Laura Horne

Sr. Customer Service/Sales Representative
(919) 248-4148
lhorne at mcnc.org

Tommy Jacobson

Chief Operating Officer & Vice President
(919) 248-1178
tommy at mcnc.org

Shirley Jennings

Sr. Paralegal
(919) 248-1877
sjennings at mcnc.org

Mark Johnson

Chief Technology Strategist
(919) 248-1807
mj at mcnc.org

Thomas Jones

Network Engineer
(919) 248-1856
tjones at mcnc.org

Paul Kamen

Technical Manager, KIS
(919) 248-1935
pkamen at mcnc.org

Chris Kempf

Associate Network Operations Analyst
(919) 248-1111
ckempf at mcnc.org

Robin Kimble

NCREN Client Advocate Community Colleges
(919) 248-1869
rkimble at mcnc.org

Theo Lavis

Sr. Network Management Engineer
(919) 248-1448
tlavis at mcnc.org

Ed Lawson, Jr.

Associate Network Operations Analyst
(919) 248-1185
elawson at mcnc.org

Manette Lawson

Sr. Accounting Specialist
(919) 248-1843
mlawson at mcnc.org

Eric Lee

Systems Administrator
(919) 248-8425
elee at mcnc.org

Carl Lindahl

Sr. Network Engineer
(919) 248-1943
clinahl at mcnc.org

Thor Lounsbery

Associate Network Operations Analyst
(919) 248-1991
tlounsbery at mcnc.org

Ruthy Mabe

Customer Service/Sales Representative
(919) 248-1172
rmabe at mcnc.org

Bart Marshall

Associate Network Operations Analyst
bmarshall at mcnc.org

Terri McGaughey

General Counsel
(919) 248-4149
tmcgaughey at mcnc.org

Garrett McMillan

Network Operations Analyst
(919) 248-8423
gmcmillan at mcnc.org

Chris Meckola

Sr. Video Network Operator
(919) 248-8426
cmeckola at mcnc.org

Donna Melvin

Manager, Video Services
(919) 248-1410
harrison at mcnc.org

Phil Misenheimer

Sr. Systems Analyst
(919) 248-1152
misey at mcnc.org

Michelle Mitchell

Communications and Digital Content Manager
(919) 248-8418
mmitchell at mcnc.org

Kevin Moderow

Sr. Client Network Engineer
(919) 248-4124
kmoderow at mcnc.org

Patricia Moody

Chief Financial Officer
(919) 248-1820
pmoody at mcnc.org

Tiny Norris

Network Operations Coordinator
(919) 248-1854
tnorris at mcnc.org

Lana Parker

Associate Controller
(919) 248-1887
lparker at mcnc.org

Will Parker

Technical Manager, Network Operations
(919) 248-1125
wparker at mcnc.org

Tyler Parrish

Associate Network Operations Analyst
tparrish at mcnc.org

Michael Pittman

Sr. Video Network Operator
(919) 248-8424
mpittman at mcnc.org

Chad Pritchard

Lead Video Network Operator
(919) 248-1410
chad at mcnc.org

Pam Pruitt

Sr. Fulfillment Specialist
(919) 248-1471
pam at mcnc.org

Shari Renfro

Executive Administrative Associate to the CEO
(919) 248-1177
srenfro at mcnc.org

Gail Robinson

Hospitality Coordinator
(919) 248-1861
grobinson at mcnc.org

Shane Rockriver

Sr. Network Engineer
(919) 248-4122
shaner at mcnc.org

Chreighvon Rodgers

Associate Network Engineer
(919) 248-1874
crodgers at mcnc.org

Christopher Rose

Sr. Client Network Engineer
(919) 248-1811
crose at mcnc.org

Sheila Sauls-White

Senior Project Manager
(919) 248-1479
ssaulswhite at mcnc.org

Mark Scheible

Sr. Lead IAM Solutions Architect
(919) 248-1997
mscheible at mcnc.org

Paul Shaw

Fiber Network Engineer
pshaw at mcnc.org

Bradley Stevens

Sr. Client Network Engineer
(919) 248-4109
bstevens at mcnc.org

Ray Suitte

Sr. Tech. Mgr/Core Engineering & Network Deployment
(919) 248-1454
rsuitte at mcnc.org

Lilian Swope

Administrative Assistant
(919) 248-1493
lswope at mcnc.org

Steve Thorpe

Sr. Advanced Services System Analyst
(919) 248-1161
thorpe at mcnc.org

Peter Valentine

Director, Facilities, Fiber and Video Operations
(919) 248-1464
pvalentine at mcnc.org

Matthew Valenzisi

Chief Network Architect/Sr. Tech Mgr Network Management
(919) 248-8429
mvalenzisi at mcnc.org

Keith Venters

Internal Systems Team Lead/Sr. Systems Analyst
(919) 248-1819
kventers at mcnc.org

Bill Wallace

Communications Engineer
(919) 248-1971
wallace at mcnc.org

John Warf

Sr. Client Network Engineer
(919) 248-1954
jwarf at mcnc.org