Performance Summary Report

November 2015


  • Core Network availability for November was 100% and 100% for the past 12 months. Our target is 99.99%.
  • The latency (delay) target for the network is 25 milliseconds. The worst case for the entire network is currently around 13 milliseconds.
  • Traffic levels to our commercial Internet providers, national research networks, and peering connections to residential access providers are at expected levels (roughly 96.62 gigabits per second total).
  • Current real-time, detailed traffic and latency graphs can be found in the NCREN Community Portal under NCREN Performance and Tools.


  • There were no new video conferencing locations certified in November2015.
  • Video availability for November was 100% and 99.99% for this fiscal year.
  • Credit coursework accounted for 80% of the video session hours and served 598 participants.
  • There were 148 non-credit coursework participants served out of a total of 746 participants.